To ensure the most personal instruction possible, class size for firearms classes is limited to 4 students per class. 

Accommodations can be made for more students on a case by case basis.

If the class is filled, price is discounted by $50/person.

RTBAV - $30/per

Classes are scheduled based on participation.  At least 10 students are required for a class.  Classes may be held for families on a case by case basis.

PPIH - $100/person

Classes scheduled on request.

Basic Pistol - $150/person

Basic Shotgun - $150/person

Private lessons - $60/hr (scheduled on request)

NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar

This is a class created by the NRA, but it is not about firearms.  Initially created by women for women, it is now available for all.  In this 4 hour class you will learn how to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim.  Learn to protect your home from attack.  Learn how to be safe in the workplace.  Learn how to keep your children safe even when they are not at home.  Learn to avoid being a victim of identity theft.  Learn how to be safe on the internet.

NRa's Personal Protection Inside the home

Do you have a gun for protecting your home?  Do you know how to protect your family should someone break in?  Do you know how to prevent them from getting in in the first place?  We can help with all this.  This 8 hour class will show how to use your firearm in defense of self and family inside your home.  It will also demonstrate how to be safe even your firearm isn't readily available.

NRA's Basic Courses - Pistol and Shotgun 

We offer the NRA Basic classes for both Pistol and Shotgun.  Each discipline is a 6 hour class covering gun safety, gun function, gun care/maintenance and marksmanship.  No matter your previous experience we guarantee you will be a better shooter after taking one of these classes.

All classes are pre-register only!